The 10 things that only happy people know

This morning as I was pouring my first cuppa-joe or as I like to think about it the elixir of the gods, and I suddenly felt the soul crushing pressure of an difficult upcoming responsibility.  I took a nice deep breath, and reminded myself that I had put time aside later in the day to take care of that “thing.”  I took another deep breath, and reminded myself that right now was my “me” time.  The time when I get to write.

As I walked down the hallway, I took an extra moment to pause at the doorways that hide my still sleeping children and I started to feel better.   I thought about how well they were doing in school this year, and I smiled when I looked up to see Rosie the Wonder Dog laying on the couch, thumping her tail as a morning greeting.  I pet her head, then headed out to my computer… and you.

If you’re like me, you’re mostly a positive person.  Almost always in a optimistic frame of mind looking for ways to maintain and exceed your personal expectations for the day.  It occurs to me that we are a unique club of people… and today I wanted to let you know… we are not alone.

The 10 things that only happy people know.

  1. Happy People refuse to enter the competition for “Hardest Life Ever.” Or “Worst Commute Ever” or “Worst Relationship” or “Worst Boss.” You win, you can have the title.  We’ll stick with the title: Best Day Ever.
  2. Happy People know that only positive thoughts will create positive feelings, so stop being surprised that we don’t watch FOX News or CNN or Yahoo News every morning.
  3. Happy People appreciate that we are responsible for our happiness and We are more powerful than any other person or situation or circumstance.
  4. Happy People understand that your happiness is your responsibility and while we can tell you how we found our happiness, we can’t find yours for you.
  5. Happy People aren’t luckier than you, We are just able to see more possibilities and opportunities for happiness.
  6. Happy People  don’t just put a “happy face on it” we believe that there is always the potential for a positive outcome.
  7. Happy People know that Happiness is a decision.  A choice we make every morning, just like deciding what to wear.
  8. Happy People aren’t always happy about everything, but can usually be happy about something.
  9. Happy People choose happy, because it makes it easier for them to feel pride, and contentment, and joy and kindness and satisfaction and dignity and love and freedom.
  10. Happy People sometimes I feel stress, frustration, anger, worry, hopelessness, jealousy and boredom just like everyone else, the difference is, they  am MOSTLY happy. In fact, ALMOST ALWAYS happy.

Choose Happiness.

Make today ridiculously Amazing

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