Here’s the comment I didn’t post on Facebook

Dear Friend,

I didn’t comment on your post, because while I agree with your apparent intention and many of the other commenters, I feel like there is much more. And, well, I didn’t want to sound preachy. 🙂

You see, I agree it’s rude for people to make assumptions about the teaching profession.  What the various comments and the article you attached fails to address is that the person making the comments about “summers off” or “working “9:00 – 3:00” with 25 holidays…. is that it’s not a competition. None of it.  It never was.

That’s right.  The person that comes up to you in a party and gushes over how “easy” you have it, is competing for the title of “how hard my life is”.

Do you really want to win that title?

Do you think ANYONE really has it easier?  Are you thinking celebrities have it easier?  They work even shorter hours and get paid even more… except when they don’t.   They work long hard grueling hours when filming or in production, then go for long periods of time not working at all, that’s if they even EVER get “discovered” in the first place.

What about the corporate executive?  You know the one living in the lovely house in Madison.  The one that commutes 4 hours a day.  That’s right, 4 hours every day to get to the high paying job where they spend another 6 – 10 hours.

What about the waitress, the auto-repair man, the gas station attendant or the pizza delivery man, the banquet server?

You see our society drives us to compare ourselves to each other find ourselves lacking, why?  So, we can BUY THINGS…. Usually those things are material, and all of the advertising and subliminal messages in today’s media is designed to make us feel like we won’t be happy unless our lives “look like this”, “have these things” or “do these things”.  The fact is, if you aren’t happy… standing alone… on a warm summer day on the beach, or in a snow covered field on cross country skis, or sitting at your kitchen table… then there is nothing on this planet that is going to make you happier… but you.

So, the next time someone comes up to you at a social gathering or party and seems to make disparaging comments about your chosen occupation… remember it’s not a competition.  Look them in the eye, tell them that your very happy with your life and your selection of jobs and that if they are interested in switching careers and doing what you do… you will help them.

Have an amazing day

P.S. If you want to find your inner happiness, you might consider making an appointment with me! 🙂 I am a life coach afterall.  ha ha ha ha ha


f you want happiness practice compassion

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