What People Don’t Understand About Happy People

Dear Mostly Unhappy Person,

Yesterday you caught me being unhappy.  Yes, the shocking truth is that happy people aren’t always happy.  The fact is sometimes;

…we really really want that new job and we’re disappointed that we don’t get it.

…we stub our toe on the corner of the kids bed and it freaking hurts, and woe to anyone that comes to completely list of rules to be a happy personour aid and says something like, “Did you stub your toe?”

… we witness sudden, irrational, idiotic high speed traffic maneuvers by other drivers on the highway and a shocked expletive may leave our lips.

So, yes, you caught me in an unhappy moment, but what surprised me most was that you assumed because I am usually and mostly happy, that I was always happy.  It surprised me that you confronted me and pointed your finger at me and said, “See, you’re unhappy” as if to say that I am a superhero and my great power is unlimited and unending happiness.

For a moment I felt defensive.  It seemed like you were saying I’m a fraud, then I realized your words were like two hands on my shoulders giving me a good shake.  I took your words to mean, “Snap out of it”, so thanks. You’re right, that – bird poop on my newly cleaned car – the pile of garbage that the sanitation truck missed – the being 15 minutes late in the office because someone forgot their homework, lunch, signed permission slip…. is over.  Those little moments of challenge don’t make up my whole day, they don’t even make up any little tiny piece of who I am…

So, thanks for reminding me to spend more time enjoying my slice of happiness pie, and less time thinking about the tiny bit of crust that fell on the floor. (BTW my dog always eats what drops on the floor, so it’ll be gone shortly)


Happy Person







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