Power Words & Phrases – be a super hero

Change one thing… and you change your world.

Easiest thing to change could be the way that you speak…hmmm… not really the WAY that you speak, but the words that you use.  Most people tend to mimic and mirror people around them… that’s why it’s a common quote, “you become most like the 5 people you spend the most time with“.  I think it’s important to know that you have the power to change your circumstances and situation, and should you choose to start with the people who you surround yourself with, start by creating a NO NEGATIVE zone. you become like the 5 people you spend the most time with, choose carefully

Influence is a two-way street.  Not only are you circled by the 5 people who you spend the most time with, but you are also 1 of the 5 people surrounding each of your 5 people.

I am challenging you to be the light.  I am challenging you to be the bright light storm that shines like high beams in a dark night, cutting through the negative cloak and dropping bombs of kindness and positivity (according to my spell check “positivity” isn’t even a word! ha ha ha ha ha)

I know, I know, I’m getting a little dramatic, but I wanted to really rev you up.  I feel like we spend a lot of time thinking about how other people affect us, and not enough time thinking about how we affect other people.

I believe that with a little tweak to your terminology even your everyday utterances will carry a powerful punch of optimism and encouragement.

Are you ready?

I can’t hear you!


Here are your super hero power words:

Abundance, Accomplish, Achieve, Aware(ness), Because, Before, Claim, Clarity, Confident, Create, Discover, Easily, Energized, Enhanced, Exceeds, Expanding, Experiencing, Generate, Grace, Harmonious, Imagine, Immediate, Impact, Increasingly, Infinite, Inspired, Naturally, Now, Purpose, Realizing, Possibilities, Beyond, During, Among, Causes, And, As, Stop, That’s right, The more…the more, In fact, Each and every time, Every day in every way, You find, You now realize, You are aware, You are already

Give the people who you speak to the power to change their lives!

Stay away from words like: But, Can’t, Could have, If only, Maybe, Might, Should have, Someday, Sometime, Try, What if, Would have.

Change, “You look good” to, “You are aware that you look fantastic, right?”   

See how that little tiny change sends them down a different look… it becomes LESS about your compliment (an external influence) and more about how they feel about how they look (an internal influence).  Which do you think is going to create a more sustainable feeling of happiness… something that relies on an external influence or internal. (I hope you said internal, because we only have control over our own actions, so maintaining a sustainable positive external influence is like asking a celebrity to only ever have something said about them positive.  It just doesn’t happen)

The MOST important part about being a super hero is to…. listen.

Don’t just listen for the reasons why you are right, and why if they would only take your advice everything would be fine… Listen.  Listen to the way your circle of friends talk themselves into and out of situations and opportunities.

Listen to your circle of friends and the power words that they use, are they used to distort, or tear down, or provide excuses, or just simple block forward movement.

As the great light power word super hero, your job is to crash through the gates of negativity and provide positive encouragement, without judgement and without criticism.  (queue angelic vocals and harp)

Seriously, if not you, then who?  Each day, each moment we have choices to either continue doing what we have been doing, or do something different.  If doing what you have been doing isn’t getting you where you want to go, then change something.  BE the change in your circle of friends and watch as your positive words are adopted by your friends and family.

Keep a journal and record how you feel and the normal tone of your discussions today.  In a week, make a note about the same.  Slowly but surely you will see a difference start to surface.  Slowly you and a few (usually not all) of your friends and family members will start be more positive and as a result more positive.

Soon you will experience more opportunities to be positive and inspire more people to be positive, and your situation and circumstances achieve richer abundance and clarity as you define your goals and the negative self talk of your circle of friends is lifted and you are all energized and encouraged to succeed.

5 things you can do today

#1) When someone you don’t know does something nice for you, like open the door, look them in the eye, speak loudly and clearly and says, “Thank you, you are very kind”

#2) Smile at everyone. (don’t worry about how silly you may feel, you are the only one that knows your teeth are feeling dry because you’ve been smiling for hour straight.  Just smile)

#3) Before saying anything to anyone about anything, give that person a compliment that give that person the power over the compliment, start with: You are aware that…  or You inspire me to…

#4) BE THANKFUL, for everything.  From the moment that you wake up in the morning to the moment you go to bed, be thankful for everything. Appreciate everything. Notice your abundance and appreciate your accomplishments.

#5) TAKE A COMPLIMENT.  When someone says something nice to you… accept it.  (most people will initially accept a compliment, then they immediately follow it by a negative.  Or they’ll say, “why thank you, I’ve had this old dress for years” or “Thank you, I’ve been wanting a new one for a while”  Just say, Thank you and appreciate and own and believe the compliment!

Make today amazing!

3 thoughts on “Power Words & Phrases – be a super hero

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  2. Thanks for the follow at Evolution Made Easier! I always appreciate when someone takes the time to do that, plus it helps me find out what they’re up to, like this blog of yours and this great stimulating, thought-provoking post. I just may have to feature a link to it as one of my tips in an upcoming post. The only thing I would say is positive and negative are not only relative terms, but keep alive the sense of polarity and judgement….after all, who’s to say/judge if something is “negative” or “positive?” For me, if I just focus on coming from the heart, then my thoughts, words and deeds will be authentic and empowering (to myself and others), and I will be a blessing to those around me. Of course that’s just my particular pov. 🙂

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