How to Change Today

Interesting right?  Do I mean, How to change [myself] today?  or How to change [the day] today?

I’ll let you decide.

Step number one:

Understand that in every situation, there is always a teacher and a student, and that in each case, both … are both.   In other words, in every interaction or moment of silence or glance on the sidewalk we are teaching something to someone. Either in how we act or react and likewise each other person does the same for us.

Step number two:

Intentionally set out each day to learn and be taught.  Remembering that lessons aren’t always in the form of “what to do” but many times are provided in “what not to do” scenarios.  For instance, when a co-worker spends 15 minutes out of every hour complaining about something, look for the lesson.

Step number three:

Seek lessons in happiness.  If every moment is an opportunity for a lesson, purposely set out to experience and learn about lessons in happiness.

Step number four:appreciate your awesomeness2

Appreciate your Awesomeness.  (I like this one the best)  Just simply agree with yourself that you are absolutely wonderfully unique and all ways and you are here to share that

Step number five:

Realize there is a purpose and that while you may not necessarily know what your purpose is, at the moment, understand the value of its existence.  It’s called the butterfly effect, (most famously depicted in the scenario where the flutter of a tiny butterfly wing is related to the tsunami a half a world away)

Step number six:

Trust your journey to lead you to the teachers and lessons that are required for you to realize the fullness of your purpose.  I get it, when you have 3 kids to feed, a 60 hour a week job, car payments, rent and more, it’s really hard to even entertain thoughts outside of the general thoughts of struggle.  I get it.  I never said it was easy.  It’s up to you, what’s it worth to you.


Step number seven:

Expect miracles.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  If you aren’t getting what you want, doing what you’re doing, then it’s time for you to consider the possibility of change.  It’s time. 

Complaining every day at work to everyone that will listen, isn’t making you happier

Cursing the drivers on the highway, then complaining about it on the phone, isn’t making you happier

Chatting with friends about the crappy teacher at the school isn’t making you happier

The early morning bitchfest as you go for a walk with friends in the park every morning, isn’t making you happier

If you aren’t happy.  Change how you think about what you think about.  Change something today. Most cynical person won’t try.  They will simply scoff at the idea and go on their miserable way.  Actually, most people won’t try.  I believe it’s because it’s much easier to blame someone or something else for how we feel instead of taking responsibility.   I see it in my children.  It’s not their fault that they didn’t finish their homework, it’s someone else’s for distracting them, or talking to them, or asking them questions, or turning on the TV, or something.

You believe you more than you know, the more you talk to yourself, the more you listen.  The more times you say you can’t do something, the harder it becomes to try.  The more you say that you don’t like something, the more you won’t.

Happiness is a decision.  You decide.  Even when you think you haven’t …  you have.

So, you have a choice right now, you can decide to make today amazing. It’s up to you, don’t fall into the trap of blaming your situation or circumstance, sit up straight, decide that you are going to make today awesome.

If it’s hard, that just means it’s worth it more!

Remember, when you are tempted to speak unkindly about someone, or something and fall in with the complaining crowd again, remember… how you felt contributing to the negative comments, as opposed to walking away and continuing to concentrate on positive thoughts?  It feels good.  PLUS the bonus is, when you are thinking differently, you are also able to recognize different things.  The more positive you are, the more positive things you will see and soon, your life will start to reinforce itself in this positive manner.


Tomorrow, do the same

And the next day

And the next

Until finally a week later, you will look back and think, hey, it’s was a pretty good week.

You will be inclined to attribute it to external factors and think that it has something to do with someone or something else, because most people don’t want to shoulder this kind of responsibility, but how can you deny that your intentional work towards happiness has paid off.  DO it every day.  Every day, just decide today is a great day.  Don’t let the silly things that happen, or people that want to bring you down… bring you down.  Just decide to concentrate on you and make Today Amazing!




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