May I ask you a question?… more importantly, will you take a moment to answer?

Last night I had the opportunity to speak to my great friend and fellow life coach, Mary Ellen Hatton.   She runs the successful coaching business, Your Dreams Your Goals Life Coaching.   I’m pleased to announce that we’ve decided to collaborate and put together a LIVE meditation session…. FREE!

Meditation is the tongue of the soul and the language of our spirit. Jeremy Taylor

Mary Ellen holds a MSed, PhD from Indiana University and is a nationally certified school psychologist for over 25 years.  She is also  certified professional coach and Usui Reiki Master.  In her own words she has started focusing on Life Coaching because she was frustrated with the problem based approach so prevalent in our current systems.

“Life Coaching allows me to help people build on their strengths, not dwell on deficiencies.  Life Coaching is working in the present, not digging up the past… allows me to work in partnership with my client, not as an expert telling my client what to do.”

AND, we have a question.



Are you interested in meditation to relieve stress?  sleep better? center and balance yourself? tap into your spiritual side? or for general health?

Do you struggle with meditation because it’s hard to quiet your mind?

I appreciate your following my blog and Facebook page and as soon as we set the date, I’ll send you the invitation… in the meantime, I ‘d  like to know…

How can we help you?

What information would you find most valuable ?

Comment on my blog, facebook page or send a private email directly to me at  Let us know TODAY!

Have a great day!

One thought on “May I ask you a question?… more importantly, will you take a moment to answer?

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