Enjoy This Moment….

“Enjoy this Moment”

This statement hit me square on the forehead.

Enjoy this Moment

Like a crazy snowball hard enough to throw, then PUFF it explodes and covers me with tingling frozen water….


All I could think about was everything that I had to do.

Everything that had to get done.

All of the places that the kids needed to go.

I looked up.

I had already missed the sunrise.

I had barely noticed the spring birds morning sing song.

I had pet the dog absent-mindedly

I had actually wished the day over, that’s when I realized that I was already missing so much of it… and it made me sit up straight.   It made me realize that if I wasn’t careful, I’d miss the best parts.

The cherished moments.

(pause to enjoy a sip of coffee)

I’m going to go wake up the kids now….

Enjoy this moment.  Make today amazing.


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