Accepting Only Positive Energy … and other mumbo jumbo

Let’s agree that we are what we think.  Let’s agree that we have the power to create each moment as we wish.  We can view each external influence as either good, bad or non-judgmentally.   to dream

I understand this is a hard one for many people…  if you struggle with this one, then try to agree that it might be possible.  We all agree that we have NO control over what other people do, think, say… we only have control over ourselves and as a result, we are in control of our moments.  Our perception of each moment.  Whether we find joy, sorrow, calmness, frustration or abundance… we are in control of ourselves.

Now, what if we were able to decide to only accept positive energy, thoughts and more?   It’s just as easy to tell yourself that you will accept only positive energy as it is to … say nothing…. think nothing more about this blog post and walk away…   How is it going to hurt if you stand, sit or recline….  take a few deep breaths, concentrate on your breathing and say in your head or out loud, “I will accept only positive energy today, I refuse all negative energy.”

According to John Assaraf, “They [Nobel Prize winning physicists] have proven that thoughts are what put together and hold together this ever-changing energy field into the ‘objects’ that we see.” (read more about/from him on his blog

I asked my 11 year old daughter the age old question, “If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, does it make a sound?”  She said, “No” (I smiled thinking… this is going to be good) So, I said, “Really, why not?”

She explained, “Sound is a vibration, if there are no receptors, like ears to pick up on the vibration than there is no sound.  Like color, if we were all like dogs, color wouldn’t exist, because there would be no-one to see it”

I was totally impressed.  I’m guessing that you’d like an argument built on something a little more than an 11 year old girls 6th grade education…  Off to the university of google to find you more answers.

I found the absolutely coolest easiest to understand description of Quantum mechanics and Physics to share.  The article title appears to contradict that our thoughts have power, but my understanding of what they’ve written seems to support it.

“Quantum mechanics holds that any given particle has a chance of being in a whole range of locations and, in a sense, occupies all those places at once. Physicists describe quantum reality in an equation they call the wave function, which reflects all the potential ways a system can evolve. Until a scientist measures the system, a particle exists in its multitude of locations. But at the time of measurement, the particle has to “choose” just a single spot. At that point, quantum physicists say, probability narrows to a single outcome and the wave function “collapses,” sending ripples of certainty through space-time. Imposing certainty on one particle could alter the characteristics of any others it has been connected with, even if those particles are now light-years away. (This process of influence at a distance is what physicists call entanglement.) As in a game of dominoes, alteration of one particle affects the next one, and so on.” to read the article go to:

What I understand from the above excerpt is this:  Prior to our thoughts of accepting only positive energy, the energy exists everywhere… but by pinpointing and giving it a space in time… our thoughts … we are recognizing a specific location.  It is no longer random and in millions of different places, but rather recognized and visualized and “certain”.

Does that make sense?

What are your thoughts? (no pun intended)

Make today amazing, and tell me all about it.


One thought on “Accepting Only Positive Energy … and other mumbo jumbo

  1. My understanding is that energy exists purely in potential until it is focused by thought into matter. As the “observer” has created the thought, the resulting “observed” matter couldn’t exist independently. In the same way, a dream couldn’t exist without the dreamer that created it. If your thoughts create your reality, it makes sense to think positive thoughts!

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